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Simple. Dignified. Affordable.

Ontario Cremation Services has a simple philosophy: Provide families with a modest, personalized option for final disposition that mitigates the environmental impact on our planet and financial impact on families. Our services offer the opportunity to create a subtle, unique and memorable experience that is more reflective of the life you celebrate.

Our Philosophy

Saying goodbye to a loved one doesn't always mean an elaborate ceremony, particularly when cremation is the option of choice. Ontario Cremation Services Inc., located at 502 Springbank Dr. in London and 1601 River Rd East in Kitchener, offers direct cremation for families looking for a simple, dignified and affordable solution. At Ontario Cremation Services Inc., we complete all legal registrations, provide transportation services, arrange the cremation and we even help the families complete the government CPP death benefit and survivors benefit forms. All of this for $2295.00 including all taxes.

Ontario Cremation Services Inc. has a simple philosophy: Provide families with a more modest, personalized option for final disposition that minimizes the environmental impact on our planet and financial impact on families. An affordable service offering the opportunity to create a subtle, unique and memorable experience that is more reflective of the life you celebrate. More on Our Philosophy...

Planning for the Future

Many people will choose to pre-arrange and pre-pay for our service. Pre-arrangement allows you the opportunity to express your wishes for your final resting. We look forward to meeting with you in person to review your options with you, at no cost, and no obligation to you. More on Pre-Arrangement...

Ontario Cremation Services Inc. is a Transfer Service

As a transfer service, we do not embalm, offer visitation or viewing. Ontario Cremation Services Inc. is an alternative to a funeral home. We have locations in both London Ontario and Kitchener Ontario. Licensed by the Ontario Board of Funeral Services, Ontario Cremation Services Inc. arranges for direct cremation or burial. We provide transportation from the place of death to the crematorium or cemetery. Even though we are located in London Ontario, we also serve a large surounding area, including Strathroy, St. Thomas, Tillsonburg, Ingersol, Aylmer, Simcoe, Grand Bend, Exeter, Hensall, Zurich, Thedford, Port Franks, Sarnia, Lambton Shores, Middlesex County, Elgin County, Woodstock, Oxford County, Chatham, Guelph, Windsor, Goderich and more. Following cremation, we deliver the final cremated remains to the family or the cemetery. We also prepare legal documentation and registration required by Ontario law.

Cremation: An Economical, Ecological, Creative Option

An increasing number of people are opting for cremation because it is a more economical and environmentally responsible alternative to ground burial. For thousands of years, many cultures have practiced cremation as a simple and dignified method for returning the physical body to the embrace of nature. At Ontario Cremation Services Inc. , we see cremation as a more prudent and manageable approach to the technical aspects of final disposition. And because it requires less involvement and fewer decisions from loved ones, it allows for focus on what is truly important as preparing a celebration of life that is rich with personal reflection and meaning. More about Cremation...

"If cremation is your choice, you don't have to use a funeral home," explaines founder Carl Good. "We offer everything you need regarding a cremation that a funeral home does but at a lower price." It's perfect for families looking for something a bit different from the traditional funeral home experience. "People are looking for something obviously much simpler yet dignified. Many people today don't want the traditional funeral with visitation but are looking for something that is more appropriately fitting to the life they lived."

We also offer a variety of choices in urns, from a variety of colourful and decorative urns to simple wooden containers and scattering tubes, to give the family different options when it comes to their loved ones. While Ontario Cremation Services Inc. located in London Ontario doesn't coordinate memorial services, we can help families get in touch with those who can organize such an occasion. Many families choose to organize this event themselves.